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Quote from a volunteer

"I'll never forget my first bike and the sense of pride and independence it gave me. My dad built it from random parts and it wasn't the prettiest thing, but it held together! I appreciate now the time and effort he put into the franken-bike and things he taught me. Biking has turned into a life-long passion and I'm proud to be a part of an organization offering that feeling to as many kids as possible."


Two Wheel View (TWV) depends on the hard work of volunteers to help us change kids’ lives from the seat of a bike. To date, our volunteer force of 40 individuals have contributed over 450 hours to TWV. We are always looking for additional volunteers to join us achieving our goal of working with over 2000 youth in our Earn-a-Bike program and taking over 350 youth on bicycle expeditions over the next 5 years.



There are many benefits to volunteering with Two Wheel View. These include:

How to join our team

Here are the easy steps to becoming a volunteer with Two Wheel View:

If you or someone you know is interested in helping please contact Laura at admin@twowheelview.org for more information.



There are many ways to volunteer with TWV including: