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Quote from a partner

"The SVP investment committee was very impressed with the venturous spirit of Two Wheel View. We were excited by the unique programs and loved the idea of working with an organization that sought our support as a dynamic partnership for continued growth." - Pam Rinehart, SVP



Did you know that Two Wheel View is strategically aligned with other amazing youth bike programs? These partnerships include The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Program, Trips for Kids National, The Good Life Community Bike Shop, and others.



tfkTrips for Kids - Calgary

Two Wheel View / Trips for Kids - Calgary is a recognized affiliate of Trips for Kids®, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in San Rafael, California. Trips for Kids was founded in 1988 and now operates in around 75 locations throughout the United States and several international locations. As an affiliate, we embrace Trip for Kids’ mission: to provide transformative cycling experiences for underserved youth. We currently operate their Earn-a-Bike Program for our local community. These programs aim to build self-esteem, inspire healthy lifestyles and instill environmental values.


We would not be able to do the work we do without the generous support of our Trips for Kids International Sponsors and are proud to be working in partnership with these companies. Please join us in saying thank you by patronizing their business whenever possible.


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Program



The Award is a non-competitive programme in which participants set and achieve personal goals for community service, skills, fitness, and adventure. It is a great way to explore new interests and try new challenges you might not have done otherwise, and even stretch your 'comfort zone'. The Award is open to all young Canadians age 14 yrs to 24 yrs old.


As a part of the TWV Trip experience, students will complete a number of requirements towards their Duke of Edinburgh's Award program. In fact, the Bronze Award will almost be entirely achieved through participation in one of our experiences.  We work with students at all levels of the program to help achieve their award goals.



Each experience connects students with the opportunity to volunteer both at home and while on their adventurous journey. These volunteer opportunities will take place prior, during and after their trip experience.



A unique part of the TWV Trip experience is the opportunity to learn a new skill through our bike mechanics workshop and to practice these skills while on their adventurous journey.


Physical Recreation

Getting ready for their adventurous journey with TWV will contribute to your physical recreation requirement, it’s as simple as going for a bike ride a couple times a week prior to the experience.


Adventurous Journey

All of our TWV Trips will fulfill any level of your Adventurous Journey requirement. We make it simple by taking care of most of the details. Students will be a part of day-to-day trip planning and leadership while on their experience, allowing them to gain valuable skills towards their future travel plans.


Residential Project

TWV Trips offers a variety of different experiences of varying lengths. Our longer journeys (Argentina, Norway and Quebec) qualify for the residential project requirement. 



Good Life Bike Shop

The Good Life Community Bike Shop

Bikes, New Bikes, Old Bikes, Bike Parts, Accessories, and Tool donations are essential to the success of the Two Wheel View's programs. All donations are very appreciated and are used for cycling and community programming in Calgary. You do not need to call or email us. Your pre-loved bike or bicycle accessory will be used for the best program.


Please bring your donations to:

The Good Life Community Bicycle Shop

2100 4th Street SW


Tell the bike educator on duty to label it for Two Wheel View and have him/her record your name and contact information. Two Wheel View will find the best program for your contribution.



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