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Epic scenery.

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Land of the midnight sun.

Bike Norway: Land of the Midnight Sun


Join Two Wheel View for a 2-week trip biking the coastline, forests, and mountains of northern Norway.


Pack your personal things and get ready for an amazing journey. This guided trip includes:


Trip Summary

Pack your personal things and join the ride – experience outdoor adventure, explore new cultures, make new friends.


About Northern Norway

Spend mid-summer in the Arctic Circle. It's an adventure of a lifetime that will be unforgettable. Lapland is not a country in itself, but a region of northern Europe. It is mostly in the Arctic Circle, northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and some of Russia. Lapland is the last big wilderness in Western Europe. High mountains, open plateaus, forests, rivers and waterfalls meet the cultural landscape of the Sami people, making this an outstanding place to visit. The Sami are the indigenous people of the northern Scandinavian peninsular and there is a population of 7000 in Lapland. They settled in the north about 4000 years ago and during the Middle Ages the Vikings drove the Sami up to the Arctic Circle.


Lapland Scenery

Lapland has the last remaining expanse of wilderness in northern Europe, including the coastline, forests, mountains and unspoiled rivers. Most rivers still run free from the mountains to the sea, following channels cut ten thousand years ago by the melting inland ice. The enormous forest areas are sparsely populated, but there are plenty of wild animals such as moose and bear. The coastline of Lapland is also easily accessible. You will find numerous bays, long sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages.


Highlights from Previous Lapland Expeditions

Two Wheel View operates in a select handful of the most wonderful regions in the world - Lapland is at the top of the list. Two Wheel View programs focus on adventurous, active, environmental and educational opportunities. You will get to meet locals that will provide you interesting, accurate, and helpful knowledge about this region. There is lots of sunlight (lots of it), the sun will not set for the duration of this expedition. That means 24-hours of sunlight everyday for two weeks. You will be traveling by bike through some of the most beautiful mountain and sea landscapes imaginable. Fish for Arctic Char along the shores of fjords, climb mountain peaks in the Lyngen Alps, meet and stay with locals in small villages along the way, eat reindeer and other traditional foods, and learn the benefits of travel by bike.


What to Expect

Before the Trip

During the Expedition

After the Expedition




Trip Information


Dates: August 16-30, 2017
Group Size: 7-10 riders, 2 leaders
Cost: $2,950 Trip cost does not include: airfare, transfers, and baggage fees to Norway.
Includes: accommodations, meals, activities & more

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Trip Essentials (updating now)

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2/ Passports

3/ Health Information for Travelers

4/ Travel Coordination and Logistics

5/ Cell Phones / Email

6/ Emergency Medical and Travel Insurance

7/ Foreign Currency